Rogues Gallery

"When you become a Commanding Officer, your lifestyle changes. Suddenly, you are taking life and death decisions for quite a lot of people at a time and you're on your own. Perhaps, most of all, you are centre stage. You have to give a command performance all the time. The intention [of Perisher] is that, by the end, when you've qualified and you're in command of your own submarine, you may feel lonely, you will occasionally feel frightened, but you should never be surprised."
- Admiral Sir John Forster 'Sandy' Woodward GBE, KCB

Rogues Gallery highlights those individuals who have commanded Canadian (or British) submarines. The listed rank is the one held at graduation, along with the year. This photo gallery was originally compiled in 1978 by Ray Hunt (COQC 1/70) and was augmented through the research of Larry Hickey (SMCC2/86). The abbreviations COQC and SMCC stand for Commanding Officers Qualifying Course and Submarine Command Course respectively. COQC was the official course title of Perisher prior to 1985, and SMCC was the proper title post-1985.

A special thank you also goes to Devin Matthews for his assistance in tracking down pictures of the original CO's, and Drew Matheson for supplying pictures of the most recent CO's.

Lt B.L. Johnson RCNR (1915)
Lt B.L. Johnson RCNR (1915)