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The Submariner's Association of Canada (SAOC) is a national non-profit organization for qualified submariners, both serving and retired. We exist to provide an opportunity for submariners of all nations to meet in fellowship, friendship and goodwill.

Dolphin March

Our west coast brethren recently commissioned the Naden Band to produce a march which brings to mind a submarine heading out of harbour, turning beam to sea, and opening Main Vents. PO2 Robyn Jutras took up the challenge - click the pic to hear her musical interpretation. Bravo Zulu, Robyn!



The Royal Canadian Navy maintains a page for Victoria-class submarine related informaation and news, and it can be reached by clicking the picture above or going here.

What's New...

26 Nov 19 - Updated date of next meeting.

2 Oct 19 - Updated date of next meeting.

13 Sep 19 - Updated date of next meeting.

18 Jun 18 - Updated date of next non-meeting. Next meeting is the AGM.

02 Jun 19 - Added four more entries to Rogues Gallery, a special thanks to Drew Matheson for keeping us up to date.

21 May 19 - Updated date of next meeting and added details about the next AGM/BBQ. Visit our AGM page for more details and to register.

19 Mar 19 - Updated the list of slops available through Michael Walker Advertising, and updated the date of our next meeting to 21 May 19.

20 Feb 19- Updated the date of our next meeting.

3 Feb 19 - Updated the date of our next meeting.

14 Nov 18 - Added a link to an SAOC West Youtube video about their commermoration of RAI and OKA's 50'th.

9 Oct 18 - Updated the date of our next meeting. Also, as a reminder, our first non-meeting get-together will be at noon on Tuesday, the 23rd of October 2018, also at Gracies. Hope to see you there.

16 Sep 18 - Added Gord Hunter's new book No-Badge Killick to the Spinning Dits page.

23 Aug 18 - updated date of next meeting, AGM 2018 pictures will be posted shortly-ish.

16 Aug 18 - corrected the Perisher date for one of the rogues in Rogues Gallery. Thanks Lloyd.

27 Jun 18 - Updated next meeting to AGM.

5 Jun 18 - Updated date of next meeting to 19 Jun 18

16 Apr 18 - Updated registration form on the AGM page. If anyone needs to resubmit it, please feel free to do so. Also corrected the date of the next meeting to Tuesday the 22nd of May 2018. Sorry about that!

08 Apr 18 - Details on our 2018 AGM & BBQ have now been added to the AGM page, and the date of the next regular meeting has been updated.

21 Feb 18 - Still more AGM 2017 pictures uploaded to our Flickr account.

20 Feb 18- Uploaded more AGM 2017 pictures to our Flickr account.

19 Feb 18 - Better late than never, finally got around to processing pictures from our 2017 AGM and uploading this first batch to our Flickr account. Sorry folks, been in a lazy mood lately. More pictures to follow...

30 Jan 18 - Updated the date of the next meeting to 20 Mar 18.

22 Jan 18 - Due to deteriorating weather in the Ottawa area, we've had to postpone the meeting another week. Sorry folks! New date is 30 Jan 18.

15 Jan 18 - Sorry for the last minute change, folks, but the Jan meeting has been postponed one week to 23 Jan 18.

3 Jan 18 - Changed the date of the next meeting to 16 Jan 18.

18 Sep 17 - Marked the passing of SAOC Central member Alan Murphy. Fair winds and a following sea, Alan.

14 Sep 17 - Updated Slops Page.

31 Aug 17 - Marked the sudden passing of Tyler Mullen, updated the date of the next meeting, and added a link to the Dolphin March.

17 May 17 - Changed the date of the next meeting to 20 Jun 17.

8 Apr 17 - Added a link to the Canada 150 Maritime Gala Ball and updated the SAOC West link at the bottom of this page.

22 Mar 17 - Changed the date of the next meeting to 16 May 17.

16 Feb 17 - Marked the sad passing of Paul Renner, who served on all three Canadian Oberons. Service details and a book of condolences can be found here.

10 Feb 17 - Updated the Treasurer's bio to reflect the fact that he is now a flat-faced civvie. Still need a new picture of him, though.

31 Jan 17 - Changed the date of the next meeting to 21 Mar 17.

11 Dec 16 - Checking links on the page and discovered those wascally west coast wabbits had monkeyed with their link. All fixed.

30 Nov 16 - Changed the date of the next meeting to 17 Jan 17. See you in the new year!

16 Nov 16 - Changed the date of the next meeting to 29 Nov 16 due to circumstances beyond our control. Apologies for the late notice.

13 Nov 16 - Noted the sad passing of Bill Hawes, and there will be a celebration of life in the spring.

22 Oct 16 - Noted the sad passing of Donald Patterson and Burton Wentzell. Don sailed on OJ and Burt faithfully served as Scribe on Oberons and as part of the Upholder reactivation project in Barrow. Fair winds and following seas to both shipmates.

19 Oct 16 - Updated link to submarine Ojibwa in Port Burwell, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Thanks Walter.

01 Oct 16 - Added a new 'Slops' link to the main menu so that all you old goats can let the world know you once reeked of diesel fuel and watched reel-to-reel movies hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean. Note - this opens in a new page and you order directly from them.

22 Sep 16 - Added details on the 2017 AGM, being held in Rimouski, QC, in celebration of Onondaga's 50th anniversary since commissioning.

13 Sep 16 - Updated date of next meeting and identified location and dates of next AGM. More to follow.

07 Sep 16 - Added photos from the 2015 AGM to our Flickr page, courtesy of Dave Anderson. Thanks, Dave! If anyone else has other pictures they wish to see uploaded just contact us through the Executive page or the email address at the bottom of this page.

29 Aug 16 - Updated date of next meeting and added links to Craig Piccolo's Bravo Zulu and WSR's dynamic moongoosing. Also turfed some bums out of the Executive page and added a few ne'er-do-wells to replace them.

07 Aug 16 - Remember how we swore we wouldn't change the 2016 AGM & BBQ location again? Well...better check that AGM page.

17 Jul 16 - Seeing as how O-boats were a product of the 60's, just like the majority of us, added a link to Onondaga's tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

14 Jul 16 - Added a note to the AGM page regarding artifact/memorabilia donations to an SAOC display case, which will be on display at HMCS Carleton. Have some submarine history sculling around in your basement? Why not consider putting it on display...

12 Jul 16 - Final location for the 2016 AGM & BBQ has now been added and won't change again. We swear!

23 Jun 16 - Amended details on the AGM. The location is still being discussed and details will be posted when known. Sorry folks!

18 Jun 16 - Added details on the Annual General Meeting & BBQ.

27 May 16 - Marked the passing of Matthew 'Shane' Irvine, who played many roles in our small submarine community over several decades, but who exceeded the standard on the day that it really mattered - as Coxswain of CHI during the fire that injured nine sailors and claimed the life of Lt(N) Chris Saunders. For those who were onboard that day, and in the days that followed, the Executive branch (CO/XO/Cox'n) carried not only their own burdens, but all of ours also. Thank you, Shane. And don't for a minute think I'll forget about that second bacon sandwich you owe me...

27 May 16 - Updated the date of the next meeting, and added details about the next AGM.

04 May 16 - Updated the date of the next meeting.

03 Feb 16 - Updated the date of the next meeting and added a link to a DND press release on HMCS Windsor.

24 Jan 16 - Added details on the Celebration of Life ceremony for James Ferguson.

23 Jan 16 - Marked the sudden passing of James Ferguson, former Commanding Officer of HMCS Okanagan.

12 Jan 16 - Updated date of the next meeting, which has been pushed back a week.

25 Nov 15 - Updated the date of next meeting and added a link to ex-TI Aloon White's promising new career.

07 Nov 15 - Add a link to Rogers' Chocolates submarine centenary collection as well as a link to an excellent article on Bats Arbour.

28 Oct 15 - Marked the passing of Jean Benoit, a boatman with many years of submarine service and one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Somewhere, in the great Engine Room in the sky, he's probably already snoozing between the donks.

19 Oct 15 - Marked the passing of George Squance and (finally) updated the date of the next meeting.

13 Sep 15 - Updated the date of the next meeting, and changed Executive bios to reflect who got posted in and out during the last AGM. Also marked the deafening silence around CHI's commissioning (Gently shaking Alain and telling him it's time to go on watch, just like the good old days...), and added info about OJ's 50th birthday bash.

19 Aug 15 - Noted the passing of CPO Alan Robert "Justice" Hawkins, the first Coxswain of HMCS Ojibwa and who went on to help start the submarine school at Stadacona.

10 Aug 15 - Noted the tragic passing of Keith Lavers, who dedicated more than 30 years of his life to the submarine service. "Engine Room/Motor Room, Control. Secure from snorting."

20 Jul 15 - Corrected a link error on the AGM page. Thank you, Dave Robinson.

16 Jun 15 - Updated details on the Annual General Meeting page and added pictures from the 5th of June weekend on Onondaga.

31 May 15 - Added date of next meeting and added initial details concerning the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

17 May 15 - Added Celeberation of Life details for John McCracken.

20 Apr 15 - Updated date of next meeting.

03 Apr 15 - Corrected the date of the Onondaga event to the 5th of June. Mea culpa.

25 Mar 15 - Updated date of next meeting and added a link to the Onondga "Meet the Men Who Sailed in our Submarines" event.

26 Feb 15 - Updated date of next meeting.

07 Dec 14 - Updated date of next meeting and added a link the HMS Alliance reunion in 2015.

07 Nov 14 - Added a striking new picture to the rotating image gallery at the top of the page. A special thank you to Mark Dixon (the one who took this shot) and Alan Pedley for deciding to go whale watching that day.

14 Oct 14 - Updated the main page with a link to CHI sea trials and a Celebration of Life activity for the late Bob Bramwell. Also amended the Application page to indicate that membership dues can be paid by electronic transfer, and removed the last of the centenary events from the Centenary page.

23 Sep 14 - Changed the date of the next meeting and removed 'West Coast Events' from the Centenary page.

06 Sep 14 - On the Centenary page, added new details to the Submarines: Past, Present and Future event at the National Arts Centre and the Canadian Submarine Force & Submariners Association of Canada Family Day and Picnic event at the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society.

02 Sep 14 - Updated the Centenary page with three new events - Project Ojibwa's Sub Days, to which we are all cordially invited to participate, and two book signings Philip Sherwood will be holding for Its Not the Ships.

28 Aug 14 - Uploaded AGM 2014 pictures to Flickr.

27 Aug 14 - Added new photos to main page...

25 Aug 14 - Changed the date of the next meeting and updated the Centenary page to remove all 2014 AGM links. As soon as the JR's Washplace is free, I'll develop the AGM pictures and post them to our Flickr site. If anyone has pictures from events over the three days, please feel free to contact us through the email link at the bottom of the page if you wish to add them to the collection.

18 Aug 14 - Updated the Centenary page with details on the Meet & Greet and AGM/BBQ here in Ottawa. It took us one hundred years of slogging to get here, boys - let's make this one to remember.

11 Aug 14 - Updated the Centenary page and added an It's Not the Ships link to the Spinning Dits page (though it does not appear to be working at the moment).

25 Jul 14 - Added Fred Sherwood's soon-to-be-available memoirs It's Not the Ships... to the main page and to the Books section of the Spinning Dits page. Also added a main page link to HMCS Victoria's participation in RIMPAC 2014.

19 Jun 14 - Added Lt J. Rodocanachi (1960) to the Rogues Gallery page - special thanks to Sandy Sadler for the very welcome hydraulic finger. Also added details concerning Paul Wroclawski's funeral service to the section above.

17 Jun 14 - Added sponsor links to the Centenary page.

16 Jun 14 - With great regret, marked the sudden passing of Paul Wroclawski. RIP, shipmate.

25 May 14 - Added Julie H. Ferguson's upcoming presentation entitled 'Celebrating Canadian Submariners, 1914 to 2014' to the Central Area Events section of the Centenary page.

22 May 14 - Added another rogue to the gallery: LCdr T.L. Markusson (2012)

20 May 14 - Updated date of next meeting to 17 Jun 2014 and added some details to west coast centenary events.

01 May 14 - Removed 'Submarine Centenary Mess Dinner' from the East Coast Events section of the Centenary page. Sadly, this activity has been postponed until an unannounced later date.

12 Apr 14 - Added details to the 'Diefenbunker Cold War Lecture Series: Canadian Cold War Submarine Patrols' entry on the Centenary page.

31 Mar 14 - In Rogues Gallery, Lt. R.C. Watson has now been identified out of a number of individuals in the photo. Previously, it was only known he was in the picture. A tip of the stetson to Larry Hickey for tracking him down.

24 Mar 14 - Updated the east coast All Ranks Mess Dinner on the Centenary page, and added a link to the annual Sailor's Day here in Ottawa. Not strictly a centenary event, but web page creation is not an exact science...

23 Mar 14 - Added a link to a Royal Commonwealth Society reception honouring Charles Gunning and activated the Spinning Dits section, which showcases selected offsite links.

19 Mar 14 - Updated SAOC Central AGM & BBQ details (names of confirmed guests) and added two new events to east coast centenary activities.

18 Mar 14 - Updated date of next meeting to 20 May 2014. There was a good turnout today, it was nice to see so many old and new faces.

15 Mar 14 - Finally figured out how to add scroll bars to the What's New section, so previous changes can be seen. This feature is a tiny bit annoying on smartphones, but that's a small price to pay for me learning a bit more HTML, eh?

11 Mar 14 - Initial draft of SAOC (East) centenary events have been added to the centenary page. More to follow, and general navy activities will be promulgated shortly.

05 Mar 14 - Based on feedback, the centenary page has been reorganized to better show events by region. Also added the Submarines - Past, Present and Future event hosted by the NAC (at the NAC!).

04 Mar 14 - Added a centenary page. Start makin' plans! Also moved Rogues Gallery out to its own link off the Silent Service menu ('The Captains') and finally finished it. Almost. Still one old man to add...

8 Feb 14 - Added permanent links to SAOC's West and East, as well as OJ and ON museums. Scroll down to see them.

28 Jan 14 - Updated next meeting details and added a link to two excellent Canadian submarine groups on Facebook.

03 Jan 14 - Marked the loss of Lt(N) Andrew F. Webster while on active deployment with the RCN.

10 Dec 13 - Updated Treasurer position on the Executive page. Ya ya...I'm only four months late with that. Dolphin 74.

04 Dec 13 - Updated date of next SAOC meeting. First one of 2014!

27 Nov 13 - Updated the front page to mark CHI's undocking milestone.

19 Nov 13 - Updated date of next SAOC meeting...again. New date is the 29th of November - I've seen peace summits that are easier to organize...

14 Nov 13 - Updated date of the next SAOC central meeting. 27th Nov is the new date.

03 Oct 13 - "D'ye hear there. Web Page Cleanup Team to muster - Control Room." Many small corrections, most of them behind the scenes, have been applied. Please report any broken links (not including 'Spinning Dits' or 'Slops').

03 Oct 13 - Updated next SAOC meeting. Join us...

11 Sep 13 - Noted the passing of Ernie Ebner, Fred Button, and Tom Sawyer.

02 Sep 13 - Activated 'The Shovel' link on the 'Legends' page. A special thank you to Buster Brown for supplying us with several pages from his upcoming book Sons of Neptune. Buster has extensively researched shovel history for many years and worked diligently to fill in gaps in the narrative.

31 Aug 13 - Added commemorative page for Ed Gigg.

26 Aug 13 - Noted the passing of Cdr. Ed Gigg, RCN, RCNVR (Retired). Also removed some (but not all) not-yet-active links from the menu, to reduce confusion. They will return when ready.

25 Aug 13 - Posted AGM 2013 pictures and dits. Activated 'Still Pictures' link with our first photo set. Look for more as time permits.

10 Aug 13 - Updated AGM info.

09 Jul 13 - Replaced OJ link with Pat Andrews.

21 Jun 13 - Added link to OJ's opening ceremony in Port Burwell, ON.

18 Jun 13 - Updated Next Meeting.

8 Jun 13 - Added a lot of pictures to The People. Many more to come.

7 Jun 13 - Activated Live TTVC Feed in the All Around Look section.

6 Jun 13 - Added 'Sandy Bottom Sailor' to The Lingo. Added What's New, Next Meeting and AGM sections.

5 Jun 13 - Activated The Lingo in the Silent Service section.

Next Meeting...

The next meeting of SAOC (Central) will be at 1200 on Tuesday the 21st of January, 2020, at Gracie's pub.The next non-meeting will be held on noon on Tuesday the 17th of December, 2019, also at Gracies.


Details on the next AGM will be posted once known.

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